Focus on wireless connection testing service, the national high-tech enterprises.

It aims to shorten the product development cycle for customers, optimize wireless performance, improve user experience, and make the product's wireless connection more clear and visible.

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Service Mode

wireless performance test + test data analysis + RF circuit debugging + wireless solution recommendation.

With excellent professional skills and good service attitude, RFI-LAB has been trusted by Midea, Huawei, VIVO and other customers since its operation in June 2018.

In the future, RFI-LAB will demand itself more strictly, provide better services, and live up to the trust of every customer.

wireless performance testing


test data analysis


RF circuit debugging


wireless solution recommendation

Test Ability

RFI-LAB currently has three OTA chambers, namely RTS90 reverberation , 16 probe near-field , 743 probe far-field ,

The test capability range includes: Wi-Fi, NB-IoT / eMTC, 2/3 / 4G. details as follows:


service range
service project
  • 1

    OTA Passive testing
    Efficiency, maximum gain, pattern, average gain, out-of-roundness, etc .
  • 2

    2.4G/5.8G Wi-Fi
    OTA TRP/TIS,throughPut,RF transmit
  • 3

    OTA TRP/TIS,RF transmit
  • 4

    4G LTE
    OTA TRP/TIS,  RF transmit
  • 5

    2G/3G  OTA active test
    OTA TRP/TIS, RF transmit
  • 6

    OTA TRP/TIS,RF transmit
  • 7

    Wi-Fi 2G/3G/4G interference
  • 8

    RF circuit debugging

    Wi-Fi/BT/ZigBee/Z-Wave/NB-IoT/eMTC RF circuit/PCB onboard antenna ,etc. 

Equipment Introduction

Excellence skill and efficient team of engineers

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